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Paint & Body & Equipment

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Paint & Body & Equipment

Auto Paint
If you've recently been in an accident and had to replace a body part on your vehicle, you might notice that the paint job doesn't match the your car's paint job. If you've had to sand out a rust spot, you might also require our services. Finding the right auto paint to match your car can be tricky. Come in to Mount Pleasant Automotive and we will you get the right paint for the job.

Axalta We specialize in Axalta Paint

Booth Filters and Supplies
Did you know that you could increase your paint savings by having the right booth filters and supplies? Having the right equipment also lets you spray your car without a strong paint smell or overspray. If you need to have safe, effective, and efficient painting services, you need to invest in booth filters and supplies. At Mt. Pleasant Automotive, we have a comprehensive line of booth filters and supplies. Some of the paint booth supplies we offer include paint booth extraction bags, paint pockets, exhaust pads & panels, paint arrestor pads, ceiling filters, paint arrestor media and rolls, intake pads & panels, FRI panels & media rolls, and pre-filters & bag filters. Visit or call Mt. Pleasant Automotive in Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858 today for all your booth filters and supplies.

Compressors and Air System Components
A compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. Compressors are widely used in the automotive repair industry for spraying paint. When it comes to spraying paint, the choice of compressor and air system components highly affect the air consumption and pressure supplied to the spray gun. To get the most from your painting work, invest in high quality components. Call 989-772-4747 or visit Mt. Pleasant Automotive today for all your compressor and air system component needs.

Mixing Systems and Stocking Plans
For shop owners, we offer mixing systems and stocking plans for shops. Paint mixing systems will help you address your customer's mixing needs effectively while the stocking plans will help you manage your auto body shop's stock effectively. Call or visit Mt. Pleasant Automotive in Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858 today for the latest auto body shop supplies.

Shop Training through Manufacturers
At Mt. Pleasant Automotive, we also offer shop training through manufacturers. If you or your staff need specialized training, call or visit Mt. Pleasant Automotive today.

Spray Guns and Equipment
Spray guns and equipment are the gear required to complete a painting job successfully. The quality of painting equipment used will influence the results. For this reason, always use high quality spray guns and equipment. For quality painting gear (manual spray guns, automatic spray guns, air compressors and other painting equipment), visit or call 989-772-4747 Mt. Pleasant Automotive today.

True Colors
Everything you need to have a perfect paint job is here at Mount Pleasant Automotive. Whether it's simple repair of rust spots, or getting artsy and improving an old paint job, we'll find the right auto paint for you.

VOC Tracking on Shop Mixing Systems
In the United States, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is calculated to demonstrate compliance with an air quality permit. Due to the large amount of paints and solvents used during painting, most facilities find it difficult to track VOC. At Mt. Pleasant Automotive, we will help you with all your VOC tracking needs. If you have a facility that uses paints and other solvents and have difficulties tracking VOC, call 989-772-4747 or visit Mt. Pleasant Automotive today. We feature VOC tracking tools that make reporting quick and easy.

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